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Our Heritage Roads are more than just canopy roads, they are glimpses of who we were as a community and they are pathways to what we want our County to be and look like.


Jefferson County's topography is diverse and these driving tours will take you through scenic rolling hills with farms, ranches and timber lands. Experience the dramatic drop from the Cody escarpment down into the central and southwestern parts of the county. Pass under old oaks draped with Spanish moss, as you learn about the exploits of early settlers and explorers as well as the rich agricultural, timber and ranching history of our county. Picnic on the bank of a lake or river on your day trip or plan a longer stay and swim, boat and fish our beautiful waterways.


The Heritage Road System consists of four named Trails:

1) Miccosukee-Magnolia Trail (Northwest)

2) Plantation Trail (Northeast)

3) Spanish Trace Trail (Central)

4) Flatwoods-Wilderness Trail (Southern)


The trails are color coded; look for trail markers. By following our chosen canopy and scenic roads, you will travel past many historic sites, points of interests and pass through our towns and communities.

We are delighted to have you visit with us and we hope you enjoy traveling our Heritage Roads. Please remember you need to check your fuel gauge and cell phone service. 


Slow down and enjoy the view  - most drivers still wave when passing each other.

Click on an emblem below for more information. Download the PDF for an overview of the trails and pickup individual trail maps at the kiosk at Courthouse Circle in Monticello, Florida.

Map of Heritage Roads routes in Jefferson County Florida
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